Best Diet for Fatty Liver | Liver Detox with home remedies | 30 दिनों में आराम पाएं

Fatty liver is getting very common these days. In particular the nonalcholic fatty liver one. This can easily be solved with the diet. People just concentrate on detoxes and other such concoctions. However a diet rich in certain nutrients is very important if the liver has to rectified.

When is a liver considered fatty?

Non alcoholic fatty liver

Bile and fat connection

Insulin resistance and fatty liver( DO fasting to correct it)

Choline for non alcoholic fatty liver

Methionine rich foods for fatty liver

Foods rich in choline for treating fatty liver

2. Salmon
1 filet: 242 mg (44% DV)
3. Chickpeas
1 cup(227 grams)
uncooked: 198 mg (36% DV)
4. Split Peas
1 cup uncooked: 188 mg (34% DV)
5. Navy Beans
1 cup raw: 181 mg (32% DV)
6. Eggs
1 large egg: 147 mg (27% DV)
8. Turkey
3 ounces: 57 mg (10% DV)