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Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Bed Wetting in kids.There are many types of disorders reported in infants and children. One commonest among them is bed wetting. Bed wetting is a term used for passing of urine by the infant during sleep or otherwise unintentionally. Bed wetting is reported in young children also.

Some people also call bed wetting as nocturnal enuresis, as it is mostly experienced by young children during night. Due to bed wetting, a great discomfort is caused to the child as well as to the parents. Though bed wetting can be a symptom of some disorder occurring in the body of child, it does not hint at disorder always. In normal course also, infants and child suffer from bed wetting.

One of major reasons for bed wetting is abnormal nervous system. There are some diseases, due to which, neurological imbalance is caused, which leads to bed wetting. When a child suffers from stress etc, bed wetting can occur. It has been observed that there are some common habits of infants as well as young children that often lead to bed wetting.

Bed wetting must not be reason for great concern in infants and young children. However, if bed wetting is continued beyond childhood, it is the time to become cautious. There can be some disorders due to which child suffer from bed wetting.

Very often, poor toilet habits and unawareness about full bladder are the reasons for bed wetting after childhood. Stopping child from bed wetting must be a concern of all the parents, especially when a child has progressed considerably. If age of child is 7 years or more and bed wetting still occurs, it is the time to consult a pediatrician.

There are some steps that help parents in stopping bed wetting. For example, child must not be allowed to consume large quantities of fluids before the bed time. This is because intake of large quantities of fluid lead to filling of bladder within one or two hours and child is very likely to pass the urine during sleep. Even if a child passes urine at night, parents must remain patient.

Children take time for eliminating the habit of bed wetting. Loss of patience by the parents may frustrate a child and his growth may be affected. Children actually do not know the ways in which they can stop the habit.

For ensuring that child or parents do not feel discomfort due to bed wetting, some steps can be taken. For example, bed-wetters can be used. Bed-wetters absorb the urine passed and thus, no discomfort is felt by the child. In case of infants and young children, extra-absorbent diapers can be used at night.

These diapers are able to absorb large quantities of urine and thus, parents can sleep with ease. However, in the morning, diaper should be removed as soon possible, as there is a risk of developing of infection. Some parents also use bed wetting alarms.

These alarms are considered as one of most effective ways of controlling bed wetting. When these alarms are used continuously, child develops the habit of recognizing the urge for urination. This prevents bed wetting from occurring. Sometimes, some medicines are also prescribed by the pediatricians for controlling bed wetting. However, their continued usage may lead to some side effects.

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